Buxton Wool Gathering

Thank you!

  • We're having a good sit down after Buxton Wool Gathering 2024, with next year's show already on the to-do list. 💙🧶

    In the meantime, we'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone involved.

    - Exhibitors - we wouldn't have a show without you. Thanks for being flexible, enthusiastic, friendly, and creative.
    - Visitors - we also wouldn't have a show if you didn't turn up! Thanks for supporting us and coming instead of sunbathing, and battling some awful traffic to do so.
    - Volunteers - you made things run smoothly and we're very grateful that you gave up your time!

    We have created a survey for visitors to give their feedback. It's very simple - one box for you to add your thoughts!We'd really
    appreciate your time so we can make next year even better.
That's all for now - we hope to see you soon!
Buxton Wool Gathering
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