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Applications for Buxton Wool Gathering are now open and will remain open until midnight on 31st October!

If you're a visitor and not interested in exhibiting, you can stop reading now. We'll have more interesting news for you in the future.

If you do want to be an exhibitor, we recommend that you sign up for our dedicated mailing list. We send all exhibitor related news over there and won't update on this mailing list in the future.

How to apply

If you've applied with us before, you've probably used our online application form. We're still using that system but we've moved it onto our Wool Gatherings website. That way you'll only need one set of log on details for all of our events, instead of them being split across multiple sites.

It does mean you'll need to register again on the new site, but in the future your account will already be set up. Just make sure to save your password!

We've removed the Word and PDF versions of the form for simplicity. If you're really struggling to complete the online form, get in touch and we'll figure something out.

A small tweak

You might notice on the application form that the available stand sizes have changed a little. This is because we realised that trying to stick with 'standard' sizes just doesn't work in a non-standard room like the Octagon Room. We got out the tape measure at the end of the last show and used that to come up with some new sizes.

The biggest issue is that the pillars in the main hall are 5.5m apart. That makes it difficult to fit any 6m stands in, so we've removed that option and added a larger one of 3.5mx3.5m. Those are in the foyer area. If you would like a different size, get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do.
Thanks for reading!

Buxton Wool Gathering

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